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Matthew R. Carey is a registered patent attorney who counsels clients in the electrical and software engineering industry as it relates to patenting strategies as well as all stages of patent prosecution. His engineering background provides him an understanding of clients’ technologies and enables him to effectively and efficiently provide a range of patent procurement services. Mr. Carey also leverages his experience to assist on intellectual property litigation as well as develop strategies for acquiring and protecting intellectual property. Read full bio here.

In an era where the boundary between man and machine continues to blur, entertainment media fans are finding themselves at the frontier of a fascinating phenomenon – the production of new media featuring their favorite artists, courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI).Continue Reading Artificial Intelligence, Reel Talent: AI’s Growing Role in Multimedia

Summary: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated music has the potential to reshape the music landscape, offering exciting opportunities for creativity while also presenting challenges in terms of copyright, monetization, and ethical considerations. Both artists and listeners will need to navigate this evolving space to fully harness the potential of this rapidly improving technology.Continue Reading Bittersweet Symphony: The AI-Generated Song that Stirred Up Copyright Chaos

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) model developed by OpenAI. In particular, ChatGPT is a type of “language” model designed to respond with a natural language reply when prompted with a text-based question. The “Chat” in ChatGPT refers to this question-and-answer design, where ChatGPT behaves like a ChatBot. Continue Reading ChatGPT and Intellectual Property (IP) related Topics